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Welcome to RADSMART

RADSMART is a provider of customised Radiation Safety Training and other Radiation Safety Services such as Radiation Management Plans and Audits to users of Ionising Radiation in Industry, Agriculture and Science. Effective Radiation Safety Training is based on quality presentation methods, sound educational philosophy and extensive practical experience in both Radiation Protection and Education.

RADSMART Radiation Safety Training courses are formulated according to standards set by international organisations such as the IAEA and ICRP.

RADSMART provides quality Radiation Safety Training and advice that is aligned to the ARPANSA Codes of Practice and is consistent with the requirements of the Health Departments of all States in Australia.

If you are frightened by Ionising Radiation; you need RADSMART
If you are unconcerned about the Ionising Radiation you are using; you need RADSMART
If you want to manage Ionising Radiation; you need RADSMART

RADSMART is dedicated to making Radiation Safety Training available to you wherever you are in Australasia.